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Johnluke Nahorski – Taking E-Com To The Next Level And Helping Others Do The Same



Johnluke Nahorski is a 20-year-old entrepreneur taking the E-commerce space by storm and currently running multiple businesses. He is a current college student originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, who mentors and consults others on reaching their goals and making money. 

The Entrepreneurial Spirit

Nahorski has always had an entrepreneurial drive. While in middle school, he would find himself reselling shoes, clothing, and anything he could get his hands on. “When I was even younger, I would sell posters at a marked up price to make a quick buck. I have always been about the hustle.” The hustle is something most of us do not talk about much, but Nhorski dove in pretty seriously only just two years ago. While only just “dabbling” in and out, he learned from a friend experienced in E-commerce and watched closely on the steps required to go all-in on e-com. With some deep dives on other e-com success and YouTube, Nahorski got where he is today.   

Doing What You Are Passionate About

“I chose E-commerce because simply I am in love with it.” Talking deeply about having a passion for e-commerce is at the center of Nahorski’s core. It is apparent that he did something apart from the standard  9-5, saying, “I am just not cut out for that type of work.” Inspired to live a life led by himself and reaching his fullest potential is vital in his plans. Many people work for the 9-5 and never get to what they genuinely want or reach their highest potential. So why not live your life inspired by yourself?  “We only get one life, so I want to live it by my way and create my journey and have no regrets.”

A True Influence

Talking in-depth about his father, it is safe to say that he is his most significant influence. After the divorce of his parents, he spoke about how his father struggled to bounce back. Taking that energy, his father created a soccer training business in Minnesota. Building from the ground up and moving locations, his father now runs the business from Arizona. Working with hundreds of players and Division 1 athletes, he has shown Nahorski that with drive, dedication, and passion, any idea can turn into something great. His father currently has a following of about 45,000 people and growing. 

A True Lesson

Dealing with the opinions of others is a hard thing to swallow, and Nahorski is one to keep pushing no matter what people say or think of him. “We are always going to have people who hate people or who don’t believe in you, but it is important just to realize that everyone deserves to be their true selves regardless of what anybody thinks, and I live by that.” Many people do not have that mindset, and I firmly believe that it is something that entrepreneurs have to get to a point and always follow the beat of their drum. 

What if You Started Over?

 “I quite frankly would not change a thing. I try to live a life with no regrets, and honestly, in my journey of being an entrepreneur, I have had no regrets at all, as regardless of good or bad, everything can be used as a learning experience.”

Looking Back

“Embrace the moments when you fail.” A piece of advice Nahorski would give himself if he could go back. He talks about losing hope and becoming angry when his stores were not successful. Embracing failure is a hard pill to swallow as well, and leaning into that failure becomes a teachable moment. “I have watched people give up that are great because they fail a few times when little do they know everyone fails when first starting. It is a given.” Some of the greatest successes have gone down with countless failures, and pushing through is when you see the greatest success. 

Johnluke is the lead of community at Social Equinox, where we are on a mission to help entrepreneurs take their income from 0 to 10k/month. If you want to connect, please reach out and DM him on Instagram @jlnahorskirski

Terry Henderson is a professional musician and entrepreneur helping artists and musicians take their careers to the next level as the Founder & CEO of 1230 Entertainment. From university Artist in Residencies to teaching he is on a mission to elevating the next generation of culture creators. Editor -In- Chief of Creating The Culture

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Bringing The First Virtual Gym To Your Home



Michael Soares is an elite personal trainer, health coach, and entrepreneur. He is a former collegiate basketball player who holds a degree in exercise science and enjoys helping everyone “find their inner athlete” regardless of age. Soares is the founder of the world’s first virtual gym, New Human, and is a Tier 3+ trainer at Equinox. Soares has trained people from diverse backgrounds– from children to professional athletes to Olympians. Soares also holds certifications in ISSA, Pre/Post Natal, and Precision Nutrition LVL 1. 

From Injury To Hope

A glimmer of hope and care. Early in his athletic career, Soares suffered from an injury in high school and ultimately thought his athletic career was over. His dedicated trainer at the time helped him rehabilitate from his injury and get him back on the court. Soares states, “I wanted to be that hope for other people. You never know who will steer you down a certain path. Sometimes it is a teacher, mentor, or parent.” In this case, an athletic trainer gave Soares his path. Initially wanting to train pro athletes and currently doing so primarily, he has found that it is the general population that has the most “passion” for reaching their goals. “When we look at the general population and how one sets goals, we often find people doing whatever it takes to get there. For me specifically, I do not stop until that goal is met, while also always elevating that goal to the next level.”  As a 40-year-old father, he wants to make sure he is healthy enough to see his daughter grow up, and this is a huge goal that keeps him motivated.

More Than Just A Coach

Starting to play basketball only about a year before high school, Soares made a connection with his freshman year coach and health teacher. ”Mr. Ryan took me in and taught me so much.” The commitment and embrace of a coach and teacher can be life-changing so much that it affects choices and decisions. Soares credits Mr. Ryan as the one who spiked his interest in anatomy and how to live a healthy life.

The Heart That Taught A Lesson 

When asking Soares about a turning point in his life or when he learned his most valuable lessons, he speaks about his father, who was hospitalized for high blood pressure. “He has always had heart problems, so this was a huge turning point in my life and my family’s life.” No doubt, seeing a loved one in the hospital makes one want to do everything one can to help. He took his father’s hospitalization as a chance to learn as much as he could to help not only his family but also the clients he trains. Seeing his family and clients becoming the best and healthiest version of themselves gives him the motivation and drive to be the best trainer he can. When asked what he would do differently if he had to start over again, Soares simply replies, “Nothing– everything I have done so far has brought me here, and I am super happy.” This seems to be a recurring theme for many entrepreneurs. This seems to be what makes entrepreneurs so unique: we do not look back, but instead embrace every step we have taken as a part of our journey.

His advice for any young trainer is simple: “Become coachable. You never know what you can learn from someone else.” Learning from everyone around you only makes you better be in tune with those around you. Embrace knowledge. Connect with Soares on his social media pages.

Personal Page: @moares3
Fitness Page: @new_human

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